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Basketball cause it is

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2009-05-20 19:14:42
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Q: What is the best sport to burn calories?
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In which exercise you burn more calories?

athletics would be the strong sport to doand you will burn more calories

Best activity to burn calories?

Running is the winner for most calories burned per hour.

Does tennis burn a lot of calories?

no it is a stupid sport

In which sport do you burn the most calories running football swimming or tinnis?


How many calories can you burn per hour?

It depends on what you are doing. Playing an intense sport or working out hard can burn a few hundred calories per hour.

How do I burn calories best when running?

The best way for you to burn lots of calories while running is to run up hills or at an incline. If that is not an option you can also run up and down stairs those provides a lot of burn calories.

How do you burn calories with out eating?

You burn very few calories by eating. Instead, the best and most effective way to bunr calories is through exercise.

Does sitting down burn calories?

Yes, just by staying alive you burn calories, breathing in and out, heart beat, scratching your head all burn calories, the problem is that these 'activities' burn very few compared to the large amount you take in with a meal, if you really want to burn calories, move more, take a walk, go to the gym, take up a sport or swim.

How many calories are burned while eating an apple?

You burn calories by doing everything.... the best way is to search how many calories you burn per bite...

Does Katy Perry do a sport?

Skipping if you do it vigorously then you could burn up to 600 calories hope this helped:) x

Does playing softball help you health?

like any sport, you burn calories, so yeah it's good for you

How many calories you burn for kickboxing?

you can burn anywhere from 1500-1800 if you have the right teacher and you are trying your best

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