What muscle burns the most fat?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Muscles in you leg area burns the most!

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Q: What muscle burns the most fat?
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What burns first fat or muscle?

When fasting fat goes first then muscle.

Do muscle burns fat?

The more muscle you build, the more your metabolism speeds up. Therefore, if you have more muscle, you burn more fat.

What happens when you consume lots of protein?

Protein builds muscle, and muscle burns fat.

What are the predisposing factors to weight loss?

Muscle weighs more than fat, muscle burns fat while you sleep, muscle helps to have healthy circulation, fat clogs the arteries!

Regular aerobic exercise decreass the fat-to-muscle ratio because?

Because it burns, or gets rid of, fat, and also builds up muscle.

Does fat turn to muscles?

Some of the same activity that burns fat also develops muscles, but no, fat does not turn into muscle.

Do muscle act on surrounding fat?

no muscle not act on surrounding fat. muscle act on moving. fat accquired from laziness. laziness=muscle not acting. Studies have shown that muscle do in fact act upon its surrounding fat. Muscle that has been developed allow a 12% increase for the surrounding fat to become muscle! Muscle act as an inner furnace for your body and burns your fat as well throughout the day! That's why people with more muscle need to eat more often.

I would like to lose fat, but not muscle. How can I do this easily?

If you want to lose fat and not gain muscle you should try light cardio throught out the day. You will burn more calories than you take in, and that burns fat.

If fat burns before muscle and you starve and exercise the fat will go away and you can maintain some muscle right?

No !!! Canabalism will form and your muscles will begin to feed on themselves. Muscles live off protein which is muscle rebuilder. Carbs=energy Protein=muscle rebuilder Fat=Fat you cannot starve yourselve that does not help!!!!!!!

What muscle burns the most calories faster?


How do you gain weight by weightlifting?

Well if you lift weights you gain muscle right, well muscle has weight so if you gain a pound of muscle your not getting heavier your just building muscle. Bodybuilders on average weigh 200 to 280 pounds but they don't carry that extra weight in fat but they carry it in muscle. But since fat burns 60 calories a day muscle burns close to 110 calories a day so ultimately that muscle will burn all that fat you want to burn.But if you weigh 500 pounds your not extremely muscular you just fat.

What can working out do?

Builds muscle, burns fat, makes heart pump blood through your body faster.