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Q: What is the best paraglider for a beginner?
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How high does a paraglider goes?

As good as you are at driving it.

How do you buy paraglider from factory?

mail me at

What is the best beginner fish?


What is the best way to separate stamps from their envelopes for a beginner?

A beginner can use the soaking method as the best way to separate their envelopes and stamps.

What is the best tax filing software for a beginner?

If you are a beginner with your taxes you want to be careful so you don't miss anything or make any mistakes on your taxes. The best software for a beginner is Turbo Tax.

Where can one buy a quality powered paraglider?

Quality powered paragliders can be purchased at Paratoys, Powered Paragliding BC, Aerolight, and Powered Paraglider. Powered paragliders can also be purchased at eBay.

How does a paraglider operate?

A paraglider does not have controls they operate by keeping wind in their chute. Because there are no controls they must launch their craft. They can control their movements by guiding the chute with strings attached to either side.

What Cardio Equipment is best for a beginner?

The Bowflex Tread Climber would be great choice for a beginner.

What is the best beginner monkey?

the marmoset monkey

Who invented the paraglider 600 years ago?

David Barish in the early 1960s

What are the best books for beginner hackers?

Hacking for dummies

What is the best pocket bike for a beginner?

I think that the best pocket bike for a beginner might be the baja doodlebug. It goes a good speed for a beginner and it can also help teach them about engines and upkeep of a bike. Baja is a very good brand too.