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Q: What is the best example of commercialization of modern sports?
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All about sports?

Sports is a form of excersise and a type of entertainment. Theirs many kinds of sports out their , But, you have to pick the sports that best fit you. For Example : If you like running you would want to join track. A running sport.

which is the best sports academy in kerala?

poweracademy of sports is the best sports academy in calicut

What are the best sports in London?

The best sports that London is good at is cricket and swimming.

What are the 3 best sports?

the three best sports are volleyball, tennis and football

Does competitive sports favor men?

yes as physically men are dominent and make a better contest, the best example of this is football/soccer

Who is the best sports man in the world?

the best sports man in the world is LIONEL MESSI

What country is best at sports?

The United States is normally thought of as the best country at sports.

What is the best sports trainer?

the best sports is football basketball score

which is the best sports shop in kochi?

Playwell Sports

Which websites have the best reputation regarding sports sponsorship?

There are a number of reputable sports sponsorship sites that are available on the web. The web companies Hookit, Sponsor Space, and Sponsor House, for example, each provide this service.

What are the five best Sports?

The 5 best sports are: baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey

What types of things do sports trainers offer their clients?

Sports trainers help clients get into the best shape possible. For example, a trainer will design workout and nutrition programs, assist with treating injuries and offer advice on training.