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In football for an average player the average length of their career is 3-3.5 years

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Q: What is the average length of time of a career in professional sports?
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What is the Average career of professional athlete?

For most athletes the average length of their career is a very limited 10 years, some classic short careers include boxing and most contact sports, footballers,rugby players although some sports have a much longer career life i.e Golf or bowls.

Who has the longest professional sports career?


Do most high school sports players rely on sports to get a career?

No. The vast majority of high school sports players will not have a career in professional sports.

What career cluster would the NFL be under?

It would be under Professional Sports.

How much does the average professional sports player make?


What are working conditions of a sports manager?

A sports manager usually manages professional or semi professional sports teams. Sometimes they manage college teams. It is a stressful, exciting career that involves travel and competition.

How does one become an coach?

you're interested in a career as a professional sports coach, a Bachelor's degree is essential. Courses of study conducive to a career as a professional coach include physical education, sports medicine, nutrition and fitness, sports science, and sports management. Students in these programs will engage in a variety of sports, learning the game and how to coach it.

Can you be a soccer player in sims 3?

Sure, just have your sim join the Professional Sports Career!

What is the average wage for professional sports athletic trainer?

about 60-75K

Can Johnny Manziel turn his life around and resume his professional sports career?

He can, but whether or not he will is the real question.

Was Ray Hadley a policeman in his professional career?

No. Cabbie, Auctioneer, Race Caller, Sports Broadcaster, Radio Announcer

What is the average salary of an NBA player?

Too Much... in comparison to other professional sports.

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