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2 feet

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Q: What is the average football size?
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What is the average size of football party?

i would say about 4-8 people.

What is the average size of college football running backs?

200 lbs, and bih

What is the size of a donkey's heart?

Check the average scale. I was told the have 4 chambers like us.

What is the size of an average football field?

160 from sideline to sideline and 300 from inzone to inzone

Size of a free safety in NCAA football?

it is dependant on the player but i think the average size is 6ft tall 220 lbs

The football field is approximately 5400 sq meters. Use the average number of dandelions per square meter to estimate the size of the dandelion population on the football field?

The average football field measures 100 yards long and is 5400 square meters in size. In that amount of space, a person may find over 10,000 dandelions.

What is the average size farm in japan?

about 2 hectares I think most "townies" would not know what a hectare is, therefore something like: What is the average size farm in Japan? about 2 hectares, the size of two football pitches

What is the average size of a CFL player?

There is little data available regarding the average size of a CFL player. There is, however, less discrepancy in size in the Canadian Football League than in the NFL of the United States. Canadian football tends to focus more on speed and basic athleticism than the NFL, which encourages specialized players.

What size is a youth?

In my league (Sierra Youth Football & Cheer): Mighty Mites: pee wee size football Jr Pee Wee: junior size football Pee Wee: junior size football Jr Midget: youth size football Midget: youth size football

What is the size of football ball if you play indoor football?

the size of a indoor football is a 2 or3

Are college and pro football the same size?

A college size football is about the same as highschool size football Pro is a size up from college

What is the average size of a high school football team?

well i play football for ansonia ohio and there are only 26 kids on my team and thats all four grades togather