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USA Hockey age classifications per the 2009-2011 rules:

8 & under (Mite)

10 & under (Squirt)

12 &under (Pee Wee)

14 & under (Bantam)

16 & under (Midget)

18 & under (Midget)

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Q: What is the age limit for squirt hockey?
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What is the age limit for squirt hockey for 2011-2012?

The child may not turn 11 before January 1st

What is the ice hockey age limit?

There's no true "age limit." It truly depends on how well your body can maintain the physical affect of hockey.

What are the junior age groups in hockey?

Bantamm, pee wee, squirt, mite, and rookie

What is the age limit to play college hockey?

18 years old to play hockey

What is the Age limit for world junior hockey?


What is the age limit for mite hockey?

In Minnesota, the mite level is for kids ages 9 and under. There is also a mini-mite for kids who are 7 and under. The squirt level is for ages 9 and 10. In some states, small towns may decide to combine the squirt, mite, and mini-mite levels.

What is the age limit for midjet 1 hockey players?

Fifteen years of age. (15 YOA)

What age to play squirt in hockey?

Squirts are 10 and under, and will not turn 11 until at least January first in the middle of the season.

Are official pro goals used in squirt hockey?


What does 16AA mean in junior hockey?

16AA is a level of Midget hockey under USA Hockey, meaning the age limit, and the level of play, AA being a high level

What is the age limit for midget hockey?

In USA hockey (I think in Canada, as well), there is Midget 16U (15 and 16) and Midget 18U (17 and 18). Players can play up an age level but cannot play down an age level.

Is there a hockey school for 21 year olds?

There is no age limit for hockey schools, you just cant be over 40 and have to be older than 18!!!!!! That rule applies in every state in every country

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