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His Nickname is, "Doc Holliday".

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Q: What is the Roy Halladay's nickname?
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Who is Roy Halladays wife?

Roy Halladay's wifes name is Brandy Gates.

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Who is better Brian Wilson or Roy Halladay?

You cannot really answer that question because Brian Wilson is a reliever and Roy Halladay is a starter. If you take a look at their stats, Roy Halladays ERA is 2.44. BUT! He played 33 games. Brian Wilsons ERA is 1.81. BUT! He only played 70 games. If you want an answer, I would say that Brian Wilson is better.

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Roy Williams

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CampyI do not believe Roy Campanella has a middle name. His nickname was "Campy."

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What was Roy Halladays record including no decisions vs Tampa Bay Rays during 2008 and 2009?

In 2008 Halladay went 20-11 and in 2009 he was 17-10. Against the Rays Halladay was 2-3 in 2008 and went 1-4 in 2009

Which Major League Baseball player has the nickname doc?

roy halliday

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