What is the Death rate for skydiving?

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2009-03-26 13:08:25

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About 30 people die each year from sky diving

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2009-03-26 13:08:25
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Q: What is the Death rate for skydiving?
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What are the dangers of skydiving?


Were their death in skydiving?

yes there were some deaths and accidents.

What could go wrong when landing from a skydiving activity?

Minor injuries to death.

What is the Difference between crude death rate and actual death rate?

Death Rate is the actual rate of death where Crude Death Rate is a guess on the death rate.

What is the accident rate of skydiving compared to car accident rates?

Each year about 30 people die in skydiving accidents. However, about 40,000 people die in traffic accidents each year. More information about skydiving safety can be found at

What is the difference between mortality rate and death rate?

mortality rate - death rate

What is a catchy logo for skydiving?

If first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

How did skydiving get cool?

Skydiving is always cool ;)

How do you speed up the rate at witch you fall when you are skydiving?

To increase the speed at which you fall during a skydiving, you should arch your body. This imitates the position of Steve Urkel, with his hips farther forward than the rest of his body. To arch and increase the rate at which you are falling, push your hips farther forward into your arch.

Can you use the word skydiving in a sentence?

Of course. for example, "I went skydiving on saturday" or "I take skydiving lessons"

What is the skydiving in Bangladesh?

There is nothing like skydiving in Bangladesh.

What is England's birth rate this year and death rate?

the birth rate is 65% and death rate is 35%

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