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the code is to work on things your weak at to improve

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Q: What is the Code of good practice in sport?
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How do you make a varsity sport freshmen year?

you just have to be good at the sport you are trying out for and practice, practice, practice.

What are the release dates for Raggs - 2006 Being a Good Sport and Practice?

Raggs - 2006 Being a Good Sport and Practice was released on: USA: 17 February 2009

What are the things that athletes need to play a sport?

they need to be good at the sport and they need to practice a lot.

How do you get good at sports?

you train, train, train. and practice practice practice. If you are world class or a beginner you can improve in sport.

How can you get better at sport?

Practice makes perfect. A good trainer/coach makes getting to perfect faster.

How do you do a sport you never played and be good at it?

you practice until you make it perfect. for example

What if im good at a sport but your coaches dont notice?

at practice you have to show them that u bring 150% at practice in school and in all the games.

What sport can you practice in cairns?

One can practice the sport of cricket in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is a very popular sport that originated in England.

What is the best practice for any sport?

The best practice is probobly exersicing and getting used to the sport

What makes a good figure skate?

To be a good figure skater you got to believe in your self, have corage, love the sport, practice, and have fun with it!

Whiat is better Physical practice of a sport Mental Practice of a sport or no practice at all?

mentally preparing for a sport is important, but physically playing it to get the muscles trained to do the motions of playing is far greater.

What do you need to be a good footballer?

To have friends around to help and care. Practice!Practice!Practice! And you will get better. Brazil and Italy aren't amazing because they were born like that they all train regularly and love their sport!