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Q: What is the Canadian national sport?
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Why is Ice Hockey the Canadian national sport?

All canadians voted for ice hockey to be the canadian national sport

What is Canada's favorite sport and why?

Lacrosse is the Canadian national pastime and ice hockey is the national sport

Why are Canadian hockey legends important to Canada?

Ill answer again, because its their national sport, and they are canadian.....the end.

What is Canadian national sports?

Lacrosse has always been the official national sport, but Hockey was recently added.

Is figure skating a Canadian sport?

Yes, but the national sport is lacrosse; however, most people believe ice hockey is.

What are the national sports in Canada?

One of the first Canadian sport was invented by the Native Canadians. It was called Lacrosse. Hockey is also a Canadian sport that I believe was invented after lacrosse. It's the most popular sport in Canada.

Can a Canadian permanent resident play sport for a Canadian national team?

Of course they can. We just had an aquaintance who's daughter just made the Canadian National Womens team for soccer at the age of 17. She is a permanent resident of Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

When was Canadian Interuniversity Sport created?

Canadian Interuniversity Sport was created in 1906.

Who made the sport of basketball?

The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man. The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man.

What sport is a Canadian sports team?

If they are Canadian and a sports team - they can be any sport they want.

When was Canadian Interuniversity Sport football created?

Canadian Interuniversity Sport football was created in 1961.

What is the national sport of Ecuador?

Football is there national sport.

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