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i don't know to be honest but type it on Google

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Q: What is the Brisbane broncos war cry?
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When was Brisbane Broncos created?

Brisbane Broncos was created in 1988.

When was Brisbane broncos established?

The Brisbane Broncos club was established in the year 1988

Who won the NRL Finaly in1995?

The Brisbane Broncos and someoneelse

What sport does the Brisbane Broncos team play?

The Brisbane Broncos are a professional rugby league football club.

What is the Brisbane broncos theme song?

The song is Lets Go The Broncos

When were Brisbane broncos est?

in 1988

Which NRL team won the 2006 premiership?

The 2006 NRL Grand Final won by the Brisbane Broncos over the Melbourne Storm

Who is the captain for the Brisbane broncos 2010?

Darren Lockyer

In which sport do the Brisbane broncos complete?

football!! yo!!

In which sport do the Brisbane Broncos compete?

Rugby League.

What sport do the Brisbane Broncos compete in?

Rugby League

Who was the best player in the Brisbane broncos?

Daren lockyer