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Avery CD labels are good labels because Avery CD labels are cheap and of high quality materials. Avery CD labels can be placed on the spine of the CD or on the front of the case.

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Q: What is special about the Avery CD labels?
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Who do I seek out for good Avery labels for my stuff? is a website that can be used to purchase avery labels. They have everything from filing labels, clear labels, CD labels, weather proof labels, and much much more.

What is the purpose of the CD stomper by Avery?

The CD stomper from Avery is a system to imprint CDs with labels. One would use the CD stomper to give CDs a professional look as if they were to be sold.

What are websites that will let you make CD covers?

Try the Avery label site. They have templates for their products and some of them can be used to create CD labels.

Where can I buy Avery shipping labels at a good price?

You can purchase Avery shipping labels at or I also believe that office supply stores such as Staples would carry Avery labels.

Are there any sites online that sell avery mailing labels?

If you need avery mailing labels, you should try ordering from The last time I ordered the avery mailing labels, it came with a coupon and free shipping.

What label is comparable to Avery 640142?

There are numbers of labels that are available that are comparable to the Avery 640142. These include labels offered byYukonSoft and labels that can be created within Microsoft Word.

Avery Address Labels?

form_title= Avery Address Labels form_header= Organize your office with address labels. Do you want your company logo on the labels?*= () Yes () No Do you want to print off the labels yourself? *= () Yes () No How many address labels do you need?*- _ [50]

Can I use Avery Labels online as well?

Yes you can use Avery Labels online. Anyone can custom build and create their own labels to their desired needs and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Which Avery label is compatible with officemax 1950754?

what size is 99030 for labels

Where can someone buy Avery labels that are round?

Round Avery labels can be bought from office supply stores such as Staples, OfficeMax, and Office Depot. They can also be purchased directly from the Avery site or from merchants such as Amazon.

What kind of software is available for use with Avery labels?

Microsoft word and works is perhaps the easiest and most popular program you can use that is compatible with the use of avery labels to make address labels and more.

Where can I get templates for address labels?

You can go to any office supply store and look for any of Avery's products. Avery makes templates for address labels and business cards. There may also be other brands available for template address labels, but Avery is the most common you will find.