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First of all, they are called a back full (360) and a back half (180)!!

A back full is obviously harder because you twist more. It took me a long time to learn a back full, but after knowing how to twist, it only took me 20 seconds to learn a front full. The hardest thing is learning how to twist!! Start with your arms up and then once you are in the air pull your arms to one shoulder (or one side of your body) to which ever side you are twisting toward, and also look that way.

A full back is harder to learn because it has more twist but it has a sighted landing while a half twisting back somi has a blind landing. Therefore you rarely see a half twisting straight back in a routine, it is mainly just learned as a progression towards a full.

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a switch heelflip is way harder than a nollie heelflip because you have to switch and heel flip

what were you thinking dude

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it iz a ollie jus u turn around in the air so that ur facing the opposite way

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Q: What is harder a switch heelflip or a nollie heelflip?
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Who is Paul Rodregez?

worlds best skater he hit a nollie double heelflip

Is the nollie hardflip hard to learn?

a nollie hardflip is a hardflip from the front of the board. a regular hardflip is a inward varial kickflip[ basically just the opposite of a inward heelflip]. so its a nollie fs [front side] shov-it, with a nollie kickflip.

Easy skateboard tricks?

ollie, nollie, kickflip, heelflip, nollie heelflip, nollie kickflip, shuvit, 360 shuvit, pop shuvit, 360 popshuvit, nollie shuvit, nollie 360 shuvit, nollie popshuvit, nollie 360 popshuvit, impossible,varial, varial kickflip, variel heelflip, 360 flip, nollie 360 flip ollie 180, ollie 360, laser flip, casper

What is harder kickflip heelflip?

it depends on what your style is buddy

Can you do a kickflip like a heelflip?

yes, it's called a switch heelflip (for mongo-skaters only)

How many tricks has Rodney mullen created?

He's credited with inventing 32 tricks. They are: Flatground Ollie, Godzilla Rail Flip, 540 Shove-it, 50-50 Saran Wrap, Helipops (360 Nollie), Gazelles, No Handed 50-50 Kickflip, Heelflip, Double heelflips, Ollie Impossible, Sidewinders, 360 Flip, 360 pressure Flip, Casper 360 Flip, 50-50 Sidewinders, One footed Ollie, Backside 180 Flip, Ollie Nosebones, Ollie Fingerflip, Airwalks, Frontside Heelflip Shove-its, Switchstance 360 Flips, Helipop Heelflips, Kickflip Underflip, Casper Slides, Half Flip Darkslide, 540 double kickflip, Caballerial impossible, Half-cab kickflip underflip, Handstand flips, Rusty slides, Kickflip. Read more: How many tricks did Rodney mullen invent? | Answerbag

What is a switch back kickflip?

A nollie kickflip... i think

What skateboarding trick should you learn next the tricks learned are ollie kickflip fakie bigspin fakie ollie fakie kickflip pop shuv it shuvit fakie shuvit and fakie pop-shuvit Casper?

variel kickflip and tre flip and variel heel flip and then backside and frontside flips then learn how to do that all off of stairs but slowly and gradually learn those tricks in switch.. If you are goofy do inward heelflips and nollie inward heelflips those tricks are cool. oh and then learn nollie fullcabs and nollie halfcas then nollie backsideflips....... THen you will be cool with me.... answer: and also learn inwardo retardos those are the coolest.. its like a fakie inward big heelflip

What is a Hardflip with a Heelflip instead of a Kickflip called?

well.. a front pop shuv with a heelflip is a varial heelflip but a back shuv with a heelflip is a inward heelflip

Is it hard to get sponsored by zero?

as long as you have alot of switch stuff and nollie and if you are good at stairs and hand rails

What were the names of Nollie ten boom children?

Nollie had 6 children.

What are the names of skate boarding tricks?

kickflip heelflip pop shuv it frontside flip backside flip 360 flip....a.k.a tre flip laser flip varial kick flip varial heelflip front 180 back 180 front 360 back 360 big spin nollie flip nollie heel nollie tre