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Any quality 2 cycle engine oil

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Q: What is gas ratio for a goped sport?
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How much gas dose a goped sport gas tank hold?


What is the first goped?

the goped sport was the first goped ever produced

What is the best goped to buy?

gsr sport

Can you upgrade a goped sport?

Yes, there are a lot of things you can do to your Go-Ped Sport and there are a lot of aftermarket parts suppliers that specialize in performance engines that got experience form years of Go-Ped racing. To find them do a web search for the term "Goped Performance".

Do you need a license to drive a gas goped on the dirt?

you dont need a license to drive gas goped because it is under 50cc. any scooter under 50cc does not require a license. in case you live in california, gopeds are illegal there because of strict pollution and emission laws

What is the best goped to get?

( . )Y( . )

Is it illegal to ride a goped on the streets?


Where is idle screw on a goped?

It's not.

What is the fuel mix ratio for a gas gas?

the ratio is 999 degress nort

Can you make a goped go faster?

Yes, You can. there are many ways to do it, and two different "catigories"One: you go to a goped store or go online and buy upgradesTwo: the exhaust runs through a tube that connects to the bottom of the deck. (this is not on all goped models) cut the plastic tube off and this us the exhaust output, makeing your goped loader and faster.

What is split ratio in gas chromato graphy?

the ratio of the volume of gas passing to waste, to the volume of gas passing down the capillary column, is call split ratio.

Is a goped street legal in New York?

No, it is not.