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After you hit the ball

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Q: What is considered a good time running from home plate to first base in high school baseball?
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What is considered a good time for running from home plate to first base in high school softball?

3 sec

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What is considered a good time running from home to first in professional baseball?

Any time under 4 seconds is good, if youre a right-handed hitter it's amazing.

Running to first and the 60 foot line?

There is no 60 foot line in baseball.

Where is the running lane in baseball?

On the way from home to first on the right side of the foul line.

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In baseball what happens if a batter inadvertantly kicks the baseball while running to first base?

If he is running outside the baseline as he legally should, it's a foul ball. If he happens to be in the field of play he's out.

What is single in baseball?

When you hit the ball and run to first base and then stop running without getting out

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