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tennis is cheryl fave sport (_)

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Her favourite sport is football

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Q: What is cheryl coles favorite sport?
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What is cheryl coles favorite singer?

cheryl coles faveourite singer is joe mcelderey

What is cheryl coles favorite coulor?


What is cheryl cole favorite food?

takeaways and sweets cheryl Cole has a sweet tooth :)chinesecheryl coles favorite food is saladCheryl Coles Favourite Food Is A Chinese! Her Favourite Drink Is Flavoured WaterShe Loves Watchen Eastenders And Corrie At Night With A Cup Of Hot ChocolateHope it helps!SMALL SECRET!Cheryl is one of my long-gone friends who i met in Tanzania 2010!

What is cheryl coles favorite number?

she once said her favourite numbers are 3 and 7

What is cheryl coles favorite film?

it was called the little red bow its weird name

Cheryl Cole's favorite drink?

can someone tell me what cheryl coles favourite drink isflavoured water...x

What is cheryl coles Email?

Cheryl coles email is email her

What is cheryl coles moms name?

Cheryl Coles' full name is; Cheryl Maria Cole.

What is Cheryl coles favorite footie team?

Man united ! ( wow he ex hubby would'nt be HAPPY!!!)

What is the title of Cheryl Coles first solo album?

cheryl coles first solo single is fight for this love

Is Cheryl coles name on facebook Cheryl ann cole?


What is Cheryl coles new name?

Her new name is Cheryl Tweedy