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depends who u are..... if your getting one for your little baby probably jd bug but if you want to go to the skatepark get razor.

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Q: What is better micro spirite or jd bug or razer?
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What is better Micro sprite or jd bug?

micro as they do not sound like plastic when you drop in and there back wheels do not bend like jd bugs.

What is best french id or jd bug?

i would say a jd bug because i have both and my jd bug is better but the best in the world is a madd gear nitro and dont get a micro because they are rubbish.

What is a micro bug?

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Will jd bug fornt axel fit micro xt forks?

Yes they can

Who does sponsors for scooters?

all the main brands do sponsers: razor, micro, madd gear and JD bug

What is better to learn to scooter on a jd bug or a madd scooter?

madd scooter is so better. A JD bug is better if you are younger as it is a lot lighter

What is better JD bug or Razor?

It depends what scooters you are comparing. for example if you take the JD bug anodized and the razor pro they are both almost exactly the same (except for appearance) however if you are American then you may want to buy a razor as they are an American industry. But if you are English or from any part of the UK you will probably want to consider buying the JD Bug as they are an English industry. if you are from somewhere else completely different then maybe consider a micro. Also: JD Bug Anodized : £50 (you can get them from skate hut for about that price. Razor Pro: £50 as well Micro XT: £190 I Mention these because they are the most sold scooters from each company. I hope this helped :)

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What scooter is better mgp or jd bug?


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