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Inverse Mask

Mask: Wildcard Mask:

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Q: What is another name for a wild-card mask?
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Which wildcard mask would specify all IP addresses from through

Which wildcard mask would specify all IP addresses from through

A wildcard mask bit x means check the corresponding bit value while a wildcard mask bit y means ignore that corresponding bit value?

x -> 0 y -> 1

Which IP address and wildcard mask combination can be used in an ACL statement to match the


What is another word for gas mask?

Another name for a gas mask is APR or Air Purifying Respirator.

What are required when adding a network to the OSPF routing process configuration?

network address wildcard mask area ID

What are kanohi?

A Kanohi is the name of a mask in Bionicle. In the Bionicle story, the Matoran name of a mask is 'kanohi'. Each Kanohi has another name (eg.: Toa Tahu's mask: The Kanohi Hau).

When wildcard-mask is used in EIGRP router protocol?

What under kakashe mask?

Another mask.

What is behind Kakashi's mask?

Behind kakashi's mask is another mask.

What is the companion that allows you to locate a file if you only know part of the name?

By companion, I guess you mean wildcard. Let's say the file name is lostfile.txt. The first wildcard is the *. If you remember the first part of a file was lost you could type lost*.txt. If you don't remember it was a txt file, you could type lost*.*. Now for another wildcard, the ? If you were looking for a lostfile2011.txt and you couldn't remember which year it was, you could type lostfile20??.txt. You could combine the two by typing lostfile20??.*.

When was Wildcard - album - created?

Wildcard - album - was created in 2002.

What are the wildcard characters in Excel?

The * and ? and ~ are the three wildcard symbols in Excel.