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An rbi is when there is a runner on a base and the hitter is at the plate and hits the ball and the runner that was on the base comes home and scores rbi = RUN BATTED IN

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Q: What is an rbi in softball?
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What is RBI stand for in softball stats?

Run Batted In =RBI

Does a bases loaded walk in softball count as an rbi?

Yes it counts as an RBI.

Does a batter get credited with an RBI on a wild pitch in softball?


Sacrifice fly rule in slow pitch softball?

In competitive mens slowpitch softball, a "sac fly" is an out. However, the batter still receives the RBI.

What is the RBI softball league?

The RBI league has both baseball and softball programs .the league was designed to help get inner city kids involved in playing baseball and softball. RBI stands for Rebuilding Baseball in the Inner cities. These programs were started by ex-pro baseball player ,MR John Young . The programs are facilitated by The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Sponsors include Major League Baseball and KPMG.

What does RIB mean in softball?

You mean RBI well if you do mean that it means that someone got out and you let some score

What are RBI s in girls fast-pitch softball?

when theres a base runner on a base.. the batter hits the softball and trys to get to a base while the base runner at 3rd or 2nd run home and get a point

How can you score from third in softball?

There are quite a few ways to score from 3rd base in softball: * You can steal * RBI * If the bases are loaded you can get walked in * If the bases are loaded the batter can get hit by pitch * If you are in 12u or about you can perform a delay steal

Who was the first RBI Governor?

Sir Osborne smith was the first RBI governor but the first Indian rbi governor was C.D.Deshmukh who was the third rbi governor


the RBI is situated in New Delhi

Where is the RBI situated?

the RBI is situated in NEW DELHI

What is the ionic compound RbI?

RbI is rubidium iodide.

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