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Q: What is an old game played with mallets other than polo?
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What is a game played on horseback with mallets and balls?


A game played on horseback with mallets and balls?


What is the game played on horseback?

Polo. It's a team game, and you use mallets to hit a ball between goal posts.

Why do polo have a stick to play polo?

Because it has always been like that. Polo wouldn't be polo without the mallets. The mallet is used to strike the ball. Mallets vary in size mainly according to the size of the mallets but it can also vary according to the what the player prefers. Mallets vary from sizes most commonly 50-53 inches. Hope this helped.Source: 5 years of playing polo. -2 goaler.

What is game played on horseback?

Polo on horseback is called just that. Polo.

When was the longest polo game played?

The longest polo game was played in America in the year of 2010

How do you play water polo without the horse?

Water Polo is a very different sport to Polo. The way it is played is completely different and the equipment is different. There are no horses involved, just like there are no mallets involved and the ball is also different. Water Polo has its own rules.

Is polo like soccer?

Not at all. Polo is a ball game played on horseback using Polo sticks whereas football (Soccer) is played on foot.

How did the game Marco Polo become invented?

Marco Polo is a game of tag that is played in a swimming pool. There are also a few variations of the game. The origin of Marco polo can not be verified.

What the world oldest game played with a stick and a ball?


What game is played on horse back using a chucker?


What is the last Game you have played?

Ah Marco polo in the pool!