What is air draft?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Air draft is the measurement from the water surface to the highest point of a a ship, boat or other vessel on the water.æ It is used to help the captains calculate a safe passage under bridges and the like.

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Q: What is air draft?
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What is he homophone for a current of air an order of money?

The homophone for "a current of air" and "an order of money" is "draft."

What is an homophone for 'an order for money and 'a current of air'?


What is down draft paint booth?

air in the booth enters from the ceiling and exits thru the floor ( the draft is moving down in a side draft booth air would exit thru the walls

What is a five letter word for moveing air?


What was the clean air act's draft year?


An order of money and a current of air?

They are both a draft.

What is the air that is drawn into the draft diverter called?

The air that is drawn into the draft diverter is called combustion air. It is essential for providing oxygen to the burner to support combustion in appliances such as furnaces and water heaters.

What is Difference between natural draft and forced draft in modern furnace technology?

natural draft depends on:ambient air conditionsconditions of the leaving gaschimney height

What is a convective draft?

A convective draft is a flow of air caused by temperature differences within a space. When warm air rises and cool air falls, it creates a circulating airflow known as a convective draft. This phenomenon is commonly observed in natural ventilation systems and can help regulate indoor temperatures.

What is the name for vertically rising or sinking air?

Vertical motion of air is called vertical velocity, specifically rising air is known as updraft, while sinking air is called downdraft.

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