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No. A 'walk off home run' is a term, first used by pitcher Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland Athletics, that stands for a home run, hit by the home team in the ninth inning or later, that ends a game.

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A walk off homer in Major League Baseball is a home run that ends a game, allowing all players to "walk off" the field. It would either happen in the bottom of the 9th inning or later (only in the bottom of an inning). The home run gives the batting team the lead from them being either behind or a tie game.

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Q: What is a walk off Homer in Major League Baseball?
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What is more exciting. a triple play a no-hitter or a walk-off home run?

Excitement is a personal thing, so there is no correct answer. For me, it's a triple play. A walk off homer may be exciting for the home team as it ends the game, but a homer is a homer, and we see them all the time. The excitement is in the winning, not the homer. Again, though, it's a matter of personal preference.

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