What is a strap line?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A strap line is a short catchy sentence that represents a business, project or concept. It is a way of expressing something of what you do: what benefits you give your customers, or what you stand for.

Think of it as if you had one short sentence to sum up your business and persuade a customer to choose you.

Think of the main point or two that you would like to put across: e.g. Low prices, wide choice.

Strap lines should not be written like a sales message, they should be more interesting and creative; aiming to be remembered by your customers (and potential customers).

Simplicity is vital, avoid words that your audience may not understand, and avoid long sentences.

Most strap lines are 3-6 words, with very few going above 8 words; as they quickly lose their simplicity and become less memorable.

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Q: What is a strap line?
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