What is a stade race?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Race of speed or stade race (600feet or 200m). It covered the Olympia track from one end to the other (192,28m). The winner was called stadionikis (winner of stadion). The first winner of stadion in Olympia was Korivos from Ilia. Stadion was the only athletic event until the 13th Olympiad (728 B.C.)

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The Stade was the first organized athletic event ever held. It first occurred in 776 BC and was a race of 192 meters in length. I believe that I read somewhere that the competitors started with one foot in a groove and ran across the length of the stadium floor and around a stake (hence the name Stade) and then back across the original starting line to finish. The winner was adorned with a wreath and given hero status for the calendar year and any men who false started were considered cheaters and forced to pay for a bronze statue of Zeus.

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Q: What is a stade race?
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What is a double-stade race?

The Ancient Olympics had an event called the stade race. It is thought to have been around 192 meters in length, the length of the stadium where the event was held, and was run in a straight line. The double stade race was a race where the competitors ran the length of a stade race and then turned and ran back to where they started, a distance of about 384 meters.

What kinds of races were featured in the Olympics?

the stade was the first ever olympic race witch was a race of 180 meters.

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What is the first olympic games?

the first olympic games were in greece. the marathon also originated in greece.

Was the 100 meter sprint held in the Ancient Olympics?

According to history, the only event at the first 13 Olympiads was the stade race, a straightaway foot race of approximately 192 meters. There is no mention of a race of exactly 100 meters.

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there are 5 different events in a pentathlon. there was upright wrestling, the discus throw, the long jump, the javelin throw, and a stade race.

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