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I am a sports equipment designer working in a sports design consultancy. If you want to know more please visit

Major brands such as Nike, Umbro, Canterbury and so on often ask us to solve a current sports problem, to evaluate a new technologies, to design the next best thing in sport or test latest prototypes.

It is a very interesting job working on new technologies time and time again, whilst consulting professional athletes.

Your aim is to design products that can sell to the market and make a difference to the user. Primarily consumers are interested in comfortable products, but what is comfortable? That's the difficult question to answer.

The most important attributes to have is good design skills, good public relations, an ability to create and an ability to adapt to different situations quickly.

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Equipment manufacturers are companies like 'Nike' , 'Adidas' , 'Reebok' , etc., who make thing like shoes, pads, gloves,etc

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Q: What is a sports equipment designer?
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