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A sports background is a background about someones sports career.

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Q: What is a sports background?
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On Club Penguin were do you get the gymnastics background?

at the sports shop

What are the Education background for a sports commentator?

go top school

How do you get the go yellow background in club penguin?

Go to the sports shop.

How to become a sports agent without a background or degree in sports management?

In order to become a sports agent without a degree in sports managment you would have to have some sort of in with a company. Most companies require a degree.

Who sings the background music on the Lifestyle Sports advert?

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Does new york sports club drug test?

Nope! Just background check.

What is the historical background of football?

i don't know i, I am in search of historical background of football, hockey,cricket,volleyball,karate, even any single event in sports.

What song is playing in the background in ten sports NBA advertisement?

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What logo is used for FOX sports?

The most commonly used logo for FOX sports is an oval shaped image with a grey perimeter, dark blue background and white text which reads "FOX SPORTS".

What is the background music for this weeks sky sports golf us Tour Championship?

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What qualifications are needed to be a sports agent?

Usually a legal background as you will be negotaiting contracts. But a degree in business or a related field is helpful.

What sports are vietnamese people good at?

I have a Vietnamese background....i like basketball.. Im not sure but i reckon we're all-rounders.

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