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Q: What is a spare player in sport called?
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Does Toyota rav 4 has spare wheel?

The RAV4 Sport comes with standard 18-inch tires and wheels and a rear-mounted full-size spare, and the spare is standard on all RAV4s. On Sport V6 4WD and Sport four-cylinder models with the optional Appearance Package, there is no spare tire, and the vehicle comes with run-flat tires. Adding the Appearance Package, which includes unique exterior trim, is what eliminates the spare from Sport models.

What sport do you have a center player?

hockey has a position called center. the player obviosly plays in the center

Which Brazilian soccer player is recognised as the sport's greatest player?

Pele is called the best soccer player in the world.

What do Kenyan's do in their spare time?

Kenyans play the National Sport which is Cricket during their spare time. Other people enjoy dancing to traditional music.

What is a person called if he or she played sports for money?

a person who plays sport can be called a professional player because that is his or her profession

Can a full size spare fit on the spare tire rack on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan SE?

Yes, my 1997 grand caravan sport has one.

Where is the battery on a jaguar xj6 3.2 sport?

Its in the boot, under the square box by the spare tyre.

What is the sport a player might bogey?

A player might bogey in the sport of golf.

What is the spare tire carrier called?

This particular part is calle the "Spare Tire Carrier".

What is Spare part?

Hi..spare part is parts or item of inventory that is used for the repair or replacement for a vehicle. its called spare part.

Where is the spare tire compartment on 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Spare tire compartment is in the trunk. The spare is mounted against the driver side body panel in the trunk. There is no hidden compartment - it should be clearly visible. It partially blocks the window. If you don't see a tire there, then the spare is missing.

What is the sixth room called in PetVille?

It is called the Spare Room.