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Gorget. This piece of armor was worn under other pieces in order to support the armor's weight and provide extra layers of security.

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Q: What is a piece of armour covering chest and back?
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What part of a knight armor is the cuirass?

The cuirass is the torso armor worn by a knight, covering the chest and back. It is typically made of metal plates or leather and serves to protect the vital organs during battle.

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What would you call only the top half of a suit of armor?

A 'cuirass' is the name for the armour that covers the chest and the back of the wearer. Other pieces of armour have different names, there isn't a collective name for 'just' torso, shoulder, arm and head armour. In RuneScape, the upper half of armor is known as the "Platebody" or "Chainbody". The Platebody is relatively more expensive, but stronger than the Chainbody. It is also heavier as it collects more weight.

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