What is a non-traditional sport?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Welly wanging
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Q: What is a non-traditional sport?
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What is a sentence for nontraditional occupation?

Roofing is a nontraditional occupation for women. Men have entered the nontraditional occupation of nursing.

What are the traditional and nontraditional sources in a library?


Does nontraditional approach to problems tend to be successful?


What are nontraditional loan options?

interest only loan's

Why is rugby a non-traditional sport for women?

Rugby is a nontraditional sport for women because it is extremely rough. Rugby is similar to football in terms of methods such as tackling, which is very rough and is needed to be played by big, strong men as opposed to women.

How is kamla pal both a traditional and a nontraditional woman?

why is this annoting

What is another name for nontraditional sports?


What correction should be made to this sentence Nontraditional students put extra effort into learning they know its value?

I would do it like this: "Nontraditional students put extra effort into learning; they realize the value of it." I would add a word, making a clause: Nontraditional students put extra effort into learning when they realize the value of it."

Who were women who dressed in nontraditional ways called?

i think maybe flappers

What staging effect is used in the Utah Valley University production of the tempest?

Character voices coming from offstage- APEX

What is a nontraditional rhyme scheme?

A nontraditional rhyme scheme is one that deviates from the typical rhyme patterns seen in traditional forms like sonnets or ballads. This can include using internal rhymes, slant rhymes, or irregular patterns that do not follow a set structure throughout the poem. Nontraditional rhyme schemes offer poets more creative freedom and flexibility in their writing.

Which of the following is not an example of a nontraditional health information technology setting?

Law firm