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Q: What is a matadors costume made of?
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Why do matadors usually wear those outfits?

Matadors wear the traje de luces (suit of lights) which is custom-made and embroidered with silver or golden thread. It is the matador costume inspired by by 18th century Andalusian clothing.

What is the percentage of matadors that get hurt?

About %21 of matadors get hurt.

When was Miami Matadors created?

Miami Matadors was created in 1998.

When did Miami Matadors end?

Miami Matadors ended in 1999.

When was San Antonio Matadors created?

San Antonio Matadors was created in 2000.

What is cal state northridge basketball team name?

Matty the Matadors

What Spanish sport involves matadors?

The Spainish sport that involves matadors is bull fighting. The matadors are the people that fight the bulls.Bullfighting is not considered a sport, it is considered an art.

When was The Matadors created?

The Matador was created on 2005-12-30.

What do bullfighters wear?

A bullfighting costume mostly consists of a silk jacket, heavily embroidered in gold, skintight pants, and a montera (a bicome hat). The best fabrics are used to make a bullfighting costume so that a matador would feel comfortable and look outstanding. The bullfighting costume price can be up to thousands of dollars and a famous matador must have at least six of them for a season. The most famous matadors buy their bullfighting costumes from top designers, which are made to an exclusive and personal order. Modern matadors can be quite extravagant in their choice; they can wear pink socks, a white shirt and a red tie, and a large purple or yellow cape. Earlier, bullfighting costumes were also made to an order and each one possessed unique and unrepeatable features, distinguishing one from another.

What is costume satin?

A costume for Halloween that is made of satin

What material is the catwoman costume made from?

The Catwoman Deluxe Adult costume is made of polyester.

When was Carinthian Matadors Rugby Football Club created?

Carinthian Matadors Rugby Football Club was created in 2003.