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Q: What is a major section of a play?
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What is the major section inside the library?

Personally the major section for me would be mystery

What is A major section of a play that can be divided into smaller sections?

Plays are usually divided into "acts" which are further divided into "scenes."

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major subdivisions of the stockholders' equity section of a corporate balance sheet

What is a section of a play?


How many major section does the declaration?

the declaration has four major sections.

What are the 4 major section of gasTURBINE engine?

compressor, diffuser, combustion section and turbine

What do you call a section of a play?

An Act .

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The gong is part of the percussion section.

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the major activities of the planning section include

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Major activites of the finance administration section include contrat negotiations, cost analysis reporting, and compensation for injuries or damages to properties.