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Q: What is a haymaker in baseball terms?
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When was Haymaker - album - created?

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What is the name of a wild swing in boxing?


Why is a long throw in football called a haymaker?

I have never actually heard anyone describe a long throw in football as a haymaker. A Haymaker is typically defined as a wild punch, thrown with all of someone's might in the hopes of knocking out their opponent. I would surmise that a color analyst would describe a long throw as a haymaker if it has a debilitating negative effect on the opponents defense. As in "the offense just knocked the defense down with that haymaker". However haymaker is not a term that is generally used in regards to football.

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Where did the term haymaker come from?

A haymaker is fighting term that means a hard, swinging punch or hit. It comes from how hay used to be harvested, which was by swinging a scythe, since the punch resembles the same motion and level of power.

Where does the term Haymaker Punch come from?

The term "haymaker" came into being because the path of the punch mimics the appearance of a scythe which was often used to manually cut hay. The scythe was used to chop it down before the hay was formed into bales.

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Yes! Not so sweet when you get hit with a 'haymaker', but otherwise, great fun and "sweet as...".

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