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Soft ball lovers :) Anything you want it to be. pick an animal and use your school name. there you go. or if it's just a bunch of friends making a team try to create a name from the first letters of all the members' first or last names (Or a combination of the two) My team is called the Rebels. Other names are Comets, Avengers, Killer Bees, Raptors, Ravens, Thunder, Blaze, Queens, (?) not all names are great, but think of just random things, usually you come up with something. You want to be sure you think of a name to compliment your colors.

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Skirts vs shirts, I would hope you would be able to tell the diff if you wanted to make a joke

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some of the good names are usually called eclipse or anything you all like.

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Q: What is a good name for a Girl vs boys team?
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