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oli olimpic oli

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awsum thanks
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Q: What is a good alliteration for olympic?
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What is a song that shows good alliteration?

i think a song with alliteration would be better then revenge by taylor swift

What is a good topic for an alliteration story?

Alliteration lesson plans can incorporate several activities into one class period. Alliteration is a fun and easy topic for students to study and understand. Prepare alliteration lesson plans that include tongue twisters, technology or silly name games.

What is good alliteration for the deciduous forest?

i was needing to know the same thing :/

What is a good example of alliteration using a cupcakes as your topic.?

Craze of cupcakes

The repetition of initial sounds in two or more words is called?


What is a good poem with repetition alliteration and rhyme?

The Bells or Annabel Lee by Poe.

Who sad changes are good?

the mini mini monkey man(hey that's also a good ex. of alliteration)

If three words all start with the same letter what is it called?

Alliteration. Repetition of initial consonants or sounds is alliteration, and is very handy for emphasizing a certain phrase, or as a memory aid.

What is the paraphrase of alliteration?

Alliteration is a written sound, such as boom, or bang. So the paraphrase of alliteration would be something such as if the alliteration was "crash", the paraphrase alliteration would be something like, " the plates went crash as they hit the floor". So, a paraphrase alliteration is basically a paraphrase with an alliteration.

What is japan good at in the olympic?


What is a alliteration in the devils arithmatic?


Is ''The cat sat on a mat''is that a alliteration?

no its not