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Nancy Kerrigan U.S. Michelle Kwan U.S. Katarina Witt U.S. Alissa Czisny U.S. Alexandra Orlando - Olympic Athlete from Canada. Joan Benoit - The Women's marathon was added to the Olympic Games for the first time in 1984.

and, from the article cited below...

Marnie McBean - Canada's most decorated summer Olympian: rowing, etc.

Abby Hoffman - competed at four Olympics in track and field and became the first woman to carry the Canadian flag in a Summer Games at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

A 25-year-old Muslim named Ruqaya Al Ghasara from Bahrain will make a statement for millions of women like her. She has qualified for the 100- and 200-metre events in track and field and, as she did in Athens, will run in traditional Islamic garb including long pants and headscarf (at the competitions in Beijing).

Women belong at the Olympics and on an equal footing with the men. The Games are about being faster and stronger, there is no dispute in this corner, but they are also supposed to be about things a lot more important than that.

The most significant race is, a very human one.

Women of Substance The Olympics and the Female Factor By Scott Russell, CBC Sports Weekend

Mon., March 10, 2008

In ancient times the Olympics were made for men. The Greeks conceived of them as an interlude from war and pitted the fastest and the strongest against each other on the fields of play as opposed to the fields of battle. Make no mistake, however, at the outset, the Games were designed by and for men exclusively. Upon their modern revival in 1896, the Olympics made room for women but in the more genteel pursuits of tennis, golf, croquet, and soon after swimming and Archery. It wasn't until the 1928 Games in Amsterdam that females took their first strides in the realm of Track and Field. Until then, the founder of the modern Olympics, the French aristocrat, Pierre de Coubertin, found that women's inclusion in this area was "impractical, uninteresting, ungainly ... and improper." Since that time women have struggled to forge an equal place in the most important pan global sporting event the world...........

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Q: What is a female athlete's name in the Olympics?
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