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Q: What is a Sentence for Good Sportsmanship?
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How do you use sportsmanship in a sentence?

"You had very good sportsmanship"" My coach says sportsmanship is an important part of the game."

What is a sentence for the word sportsmanship?

i havemanship

What is sportsmanship?

Sportsmanship is how a person behaves while playing a sport. Playing by the rules and not being a sore looser is good sportsmanship.

What is the result of sportsmanship?

Winning! Everybody who has good sportsmanship will win, whether they get a higher score or not.

How does sportsmanship affect sports?

Sportsmanship affects sports positively. Good sportsmanship makes players feel good about themselves and their efforts. This causes people playing those sports to feel good about each other.

Who has good sportsmanship everyday?

Eva ShockleyShockley

What is good sportsmanship in baseball?

Shaking hands after the game.

Why is good sportsmanship important?

Dear the person that asked the quesiton, Good sportsmanship is if you win you dont rub it in the other teams face and when you lose you just say good game and get ready for the next game

Which sports star is a good sportsmanship?

Aaron Rodgers.he's beast.

What does it mean to have good sportsmanship?

Where you are a good sports. To have good sportsmanship it might be shaking people's hands after a race and say how well they ran. You might say well done when they throw far in shot put, or say good work when they jump high in high jump. Good sportsmanship has anything to do with this.

What was the rule about sportsmanship in the ancient Olympia games?

The athletes in Greece were actually treated like royalty

Who are some EPL players known for good sportsmanship?

steven Gerrard