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Q: What is John Terry's favourite colour?
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What is john terrys favourite food?

Beef Tongue

What is terrys favourite color?

The Terry I knew liked green, but I am su that there are other Terrys around that like other colors.

What day was john terrys birthday?

John Terrys Birthday is the 7th December. He was born in 1980

What is john and edward grimes favourite colour?


Where are john terrys ancestors from?


What is john terrys dads name?

John Terrys dads name is Ted. His dad and his mother (sue) split when John & Brother Paul were children.

What are john and edward grimes favourite colour?

Blue and black.

What was john Lennon's favourite colour?


Where is john terrys house?

Surrey, England

What are you Kiss favorite colors?

Eli’s favourite colour is purple.DongHo’s favourite colour is pink.Kevin’s favourite colour is blue.Kiseop’s favourite colour is black.Soohyun’s favourite colour is red.AJ’s favourite colour is blue.Hoon hasn't told us what his favourite colour is yet

What is John terrys child's name?

Georgie John & Summer Rose

What is John Terrys twins name?

Georgie John & Summer Rose