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They play Football and Rugby in Guadeloupe.

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Football, not American football, soccer as we call it...

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Guam loves Baseball, football, and rugby. They also love Pacific Xtreme Combat, a mixed Martial Arts competition.

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Q: What is French Guiana's national sport?
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What is the French Guianas language?


How do you say national sport in french?

you say it "un sport national".

What European country influenced the guianas?

The Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, and Dutch all influenced the Guianas.

How is french Guiana different from the rest of the guianas?

French Guiana is still a French dependency and elects deputies to the National Assembly in Paris. Guyana (formerly British Guyana) and Surinam (Dutch Guiana) are both independent countries.

What are the three Guianas?

British Guiana (now Guyana)Dutch Guiana (now Suriname)French GuianaThe three are still often collectively referred to as the Guianas.

Which of the Guianas is not an independent country?

French Guiana is not an independent country but is an overseas region of France.

What 3 countries does the Guianas include?

Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname, plus parts of Venezuela and Brazil.

What sets the Guianas apart from the rest of South America?

The Guianas were originally five countries. But ended up by being three. The three Guyanas were different because they each spoke a different language to the rest of South America. British Guiana (English) Dutch Guiana (Dutch) and French Guiana (French).

What is England's national sport?

Football is the highest watched and voted their national sport

Is hockey or Lacrosse Canada's National sport?

Hockey is the national winter sport, and lacrosse is the national summer sport.

What migrant groups contribute to the population of the Guianas?

The Guianas have significant populations from diverse migrant groups such as Indo-Guyanese, Afro-Guyanese, Amerindians, Chinese, Europeans, Brazilians, and Haitians. These groups have contributed to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the region over the years.

What is the national sport of Korea?

Taekwondo is the national sport of Korea.