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The Falcon

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Q: What is Constantine high school's mascot?
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Why does the High School Musical have the same mascot as West Middle School?

The wildcat is a very popular mascot. A number of schools use this mascot, including middle schools, high schools, and universities.

What is Brooklyn tech high schools mascot?

The Engineer

What is bloom high schools mascot?

like you would believe this.

How many high schools have a unicorn as their mascot?

The mascot for The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing arts use to have the Unicorn as their mascot, but they changed it to a Phoenix in recent years.

Who has mascot?

Well pretty much every school like middle schools and high schools.

How many high schools have wasps as their mascot?

2 they are both in Utah

Is draper high schools mascot a corn huscer?

It's actually the 'Corn Husker,' but you are correct.

What is the mascot for Carrollton City Schools Georgia?

The Trojans is the mascot for Carrollton

Do schools in France have a team mascot?

A rooster is the mascot for France.

What is The Juilliard Schools mascot?

The Juilliard School does not have an official mascot, but the school's unofficial mascot is the penguin.

What high schools have a kangaroo for a mascot?

Two. One in Australia and one in Washington state. In the U.S. there are currently at least seven schools with a kangaroo for a mascot: one in WA state, one in Kansas City, one in Ohio, one in Connecticut and three in Texas.

What is noe middle schools mascot?

If you are talking about the one in Louisville Ky, the Mascot is.................COUGARS!!