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Yuan is the currency of China. Money in Chinese is 钱

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Q: What is Chinese paper money called?
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What was acient chinese paper money made of?

If it is called "paper money", then presumably, it was made from paper.

How do you write the word paper money in Chinese?

Paper money is commonly called 钞票 chao(1) piao(4) in Mandarin.

Who discovered paper money?

Paper money was invented not discovered. Probably by the Chinese.

What was one drawback of Chinese using paper money?

Paper money is too difficult to carry.

Who was on the Chinese paper money?

George Washington

What did Chinese use for money?

Coins and paper

What did the Chinese use paper money?


First used paper money?

The Chinese

How ancient Chinese paper was used?

It was used when china had invaders coming, this paper money protected them and the Chinese gave the invaders some money to go away.

What did the Chinese use before paper money?


When was Chinese paper money invented?

in the 21st century

Who brought up the idea of paper money?

The Chinese