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The "B" stands for bats, whether the player hits from the right side or left side or is a switch hitter (S)

The "T" stands for throws, whether the player throws righthanded or lefthanded.

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Q: What is B T in a baseball roster?
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What does BT mean on a baseball roster?

The baseball roster is to help keep the team organized. The B stands for the word bat and helps to keep track if the player bats from the right or the left side. The letter T stand for throws and whether they throw left handed or right handed. There is also the letter S, which stands for Switch Hitter.

What is a 'Non Roster Invitee' in baseball?

A non Roster Invitee is a Major League Baseball that is under contract but isn't part of a team's 25-man roster or 40-man roster.

What does T mean on the NFL roster?


9 p 0n a b b t?

9 players on a baseball team

9 P on a B B T?

9 players on a baseball team ~Troy

What is roster form in algebra?

y=-b 2a

What is a baseball roster?

A baseball roster is a roster that typically consists of active players for a baseball game such as for example in Major League Baseball all 30 teams have a 25-man roster starting from Opening Day of the regular season until and including games on August 31st however starting on September 1st all teams are allowed to call up any players that are not on their 25-man roster but are currently on their 40-man roster, teams will have 40-man rosters as their active roster until the end of the season.

9 m on a b t?

9 members on a baseball team.

9 P on B T?

9 players on a baseball team

9 P on a B T?

9 people on a baseball team

What does the OF on the baseball roster stand for?

OF stands for outfield.

How many players are on a little league baseball roster?

There are 11 to 13 kids on a little league roster.

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What does BT mean on a baseball roster?

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