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Q: What is 3 rising actions in the book football genius?
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Is there a book called Football Genius?


What is the climax for Football Genius?

Football Genius is a book written by Tim Green in 2007. The climax of the book is when Troy proves that he is able to predict all of the plays.

How do you make a sentence using the words rising actions?

My teacher gave me an assignment to write about the rising actions in the book.

What is the rising action and the falling action in a book?

the rising action is what takes you to the climax of the story and the falling actions is what is after the climax.

What are some quotes in the book Football Genius?

dont stop trying troy, ill be there

Is there a sequel to football hero by Tim green?

Yes there is a book called deep zone where Ty and Troy white from football genius meet

What is the theme of the book football genius?

The theme of "Football Genius" revolves around teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of using one's unique talents to overcome obstacles. It also explores the concepts of friendship, loyalty, and the impact of mentorship in achieving success.

What is the rising actions in the book speak?

The rising action is the event or events leading up to the climax. they are the cause of the climax. The rising action of the story is when Melinda is in the closet with Andy Evans' and he is talking to her about when she told Rachelle about how he raped her.

What are the rising actions for the book masterpiece?

In the book "Masterpiece," the rising actions typically involve the development of the main conflict, the introduction of obstacles or challenges for the characters to overcome, and the escalation of tension leading towards the climax. This may include the discovery of secrets, the deepening of relationships between characters, and the unfolding of key events that drive the story forward.

What is the title of the third book in the genius files?

Genius never dies

What is the book burro genius about?

Burro Genius is a biography book, which is about Victor Villasenor life. it explains how Victor became an English write.

What is one of the rising actions in the hunger games?

Well, in the first book it was, when more and more people started dieing leaving, Katniss, Petta, and Cato left.