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It all depends on what college you go too. It varies from place to place; some programs will be harder, some places will be easier. Look into different programs. If you're already in a program though, you'd have to talk to your academic adviser and figure it out with him/her. If they are your adviser, they would know the program inside and out.

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Biology or Applied Science

Anything that would relate to the human body would help vastly to this particular career path. It would be advisable to study some Human Anatomy on your free time, i.e. The muscle,- its function in everyday life and the latin name of it.

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There are quite a few different subjects that are recommended if you want to study sports management. It is recommended that you take sports medicine for example and biology.

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Q: What high school subjects are needed to study sports science?
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What high school subjects are needed to study sports management?

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