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Out, In, Touch, Serve, To many hits, Illegal Hit, Player in the net/touched the net, Hit the floor, and there some others but those are the main ones!

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they use 2 hand signals a thumbs up and a thumbs down hahaha

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Q: What hand signals do trampolining officials use?
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Why do basketball officials use hand signals?

Hand signals are used by referee's to relay the information of what foul took place to the stat officials sitting at the scorer's table. Using hand signals, the referee's do not need to walk over to the table and tell exactly what foul occurred, instead they use hand signals to describe the foul and which player committed the foul.

Is it still legal to use hand signals when driving a car in georgia.?

Yes, it is legal to use hand signals when driving. In fact if your turn signal goes out you should use hand signals.

What should you do if turn signals fail?

Use hand signals.

Does motorcycle in tn need turn signals?

No, but you will need to use hand signals.

Is it legal in California to use hand signals for blinkers?


Can motorcycles with factory turn signals take them off and use hand signals and be legal?

No, turn signals are required on the vehicle.

Are the old turn signals still in use?

If you mean turn signal hand signals, then yes.

Why do volleyball officials use hand signals?

Whether you are a player, coach, scorekeeper, or spectator, learning the hand signals for volleyball is significant because you know what is called on the court, whether a ball is in or out, who receives each point. Also, there are often penalties to the respective teams, such as out of rotation or a foot fault.

Is it illegal in Pennsylvania not to use turn signals?

The PA Motor Vehicle Code, § 3334. Turning movements and required signals- says that you will use your turn signals or hand signals when you are turning or changing lanes.

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I found that my dog understands hand signals better but its easier for them if you use both at the same time.

Is it illegal to not have turn signals on a motorcycle in California?

If you don't have turn signal lights then you must use hand signals.

Where you are using wireless?

where i talk or where i use hand signals when i cant be heard