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he has supported man united since he was a child .

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Q: What football team does rio Ferdinand support?
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Who is the englan team football captain?

Rio Ferdinand is englands football team captain!

List of England national football team captains 2010?

They are John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

Does rio Ferdinand support rangers?


Who is England football clubs captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is englands football squad number 5?

Rio ferdinand

Who is a better football captain Frank Lampard or Rio Ferdinand?

Lampard is not currently a Captain. Ferdinand is.

Who is the captin of the British soccer team?

There is no British football team, but instead each country has its own team. The current England captain is Rio Ferdinand. Craig Bellamy is the Welsh captain.

Which team does Rio Ferdinand play for?

Manchester United.

Is Rio Ferdinand related to Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Rio and Les Ferdinand are cousins. Anton, Rio's brother, is also a Premier League football player.

Who was the team captain in the England World Cup?

Jan 2010 : The captain of the England football team is John Terry. Feb 2010 : Rio Ferdinand takes over the captaincy from John Terry. and during this world cup it was Steven Gerrard

What is the birth name of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand's birth name is Rio Gavin Ferdinand.

Who wears number 5 for Manchester United soccer team?

Rio Ferdinand.