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no such thing look up on Google

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Q: What famous sports figure received a patent for the monkey wrench?
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What famous boxer received a patent on the improvement he made on the monkey wrench?

Jack Johnson, the world's first African American heavyweight champion patented a wrench (U.S.patent#1,413,121) on April the 18th, 1922.

What statue received a design patent?

One of the most famous design patents ever was issued to Auguste Bartholdi. He received US Patent D11,023 on February 18, 1879 for the Design of a Statue of Liberty Enlightening The World- The Statue of Liberty

What invention in the plumbing field received the first patent and in what country?

Samuel Prosser received a patent related to toilets in England in 1777.

What year did Thomas Edison patented his first invention?

Thomas Edison received his first patent, U.S. Patent 90,646, on June 1, 1869. This patent was for the electric vote recorder.

When was the first television patent received?


What year did Albert t. marshell patent the refrigrtator?

Albert T. Marshall filed the patent application for the refrigerator in 1897, and received the patent in 1899.

What was Norbert Rillieux's patent number?

Rillieux received patent number 3237 for his improvement to sugar processing in 1843.

What was Albert Einstein's job before he becme famous?

He worked in a patent office as a patent application reviewer.

What did Albert Einstein do before famous?

Before Einstein became famous, he was a patent clerk.

Which US president holds a patent?

Abraham Lincoln. He received a patent in 1849 related to an idea he had about preventing ships from running aground.

Who received a patent for dry scouring clothes?

Thomas L. Jennings recieved the patent for dry scouring on March 3, 1821

What president received a patent for invention of an adjustable buoyant chamber of steamboats?

Abraham Lincoln is the only US President to hold a patent.