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WAG is a term often used in Football, which stands for "Wives and Girlfriends". It is often associated with high profile footballers and originally the England National Team.

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Q: What does wag stand for in sports media?
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What is a WAG as seen describing the young rich ladies in today's media?

WAG stands for Wife And Girlfriends, usually of football players.

What dose wag stand for?

It stands for wife and girlfriends.

How do you become a WAG?

Marry or date a sports person. Like footballers.

When was Sports media created?

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When was Association for Women in Sports Media created?

Association for Women in Sports Media was created in 1987.

What does mean of wag wag?

wag wag

What part of speech is wag?

Wag is a verb (to wag) and a noun (a wag).

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What is a wag?

A wag is a mischievous person, a jokester. WAG is a very crude acronym for 'wise ass guess'. More commonly, it is used in the British press to mean "Wives and Girlfriends", specifically relating to futbol players' WAGs. It has now spread to most other sports. Or it could mean to skip lessons at school.

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