What does trophy mean?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Trophy means something that you win if you win something. Like if you are in track and you win the race you can win a trophy.

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Q: What does trophy mean?
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No, I means trophy

I have an antique trophy from 1953 I amnt sure if it is silver and it has the hp and co hallmark Under this is the number 4867 does this mean that it is a solid silver trophy?

Your antique trophy from 1953 can be silver or not. For to be sure, you need to take it to a place where silver is sold so that they can check for you if it is solid silver trophy

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What does the medical terminology combining form trophy- mean?

In medical terms, trophy is a tendency. It comes in two forms. Atrophy is a reduction or disappearance of some structure, and hypertrophy is the increase or growth of some structure.

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What trophy?

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What is a sentence with the word trophy?

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