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black people

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What does the black ring represent mean on the Olympic logo?
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What do the 5 rings in the olympic games continents mean?

In the Olympic logo they represent the only five colours used in world flags.

What does the red ring represent mean on the Olympic logo?

Nothing! The rings were not supposed to sybolize anything! The desighner thought it just looked cool

What do the five interlockting Olympic rings mean?

The five interlocking Olympic rings represent the union of the continents.

Why do we have a Olympic flame and what does it mean?

its a Greek symbol to represent Zeus and the flame that never went out

What does the cooler green mean in the Olympic?

The rings represent the five parts of the word represented at the Games, Africa is black, Asia is yellow, Europe is blue, Oceania is green and the Americas are red

What does the Nike logo mean?

the Nike logo represent the wing of the goddess Nike. she was goddess of victory and was used by Nike in the context that if people wore their shoes they would be victorious.

On a map what do black lines usually represent?

The black lines mean it is a state boundary.

What does ceromony mean?

it means,like where all the countries come together to a olympic ceromony and represent their countrie

What does Yingying the mascot represent?

the red ring in the Olympics rings and repersents the olympic flame the yellow olympic ring and antalope it dosent mean red or flame

What does logo mean?

It means a picture used to represent a brand like if you search the "adidas logo" in google images then you will see the lines above the represents a mountain. The origin of the word "logo" is Greek, where it meant "word" or "speech".

What does black and white handshake logo mean?

It is a logo commonly used by leftist groups to display the concept of racial unity, cooperation, and reconciliation.

What does yellow and black represent in kabuki?

Yellow and black together mean danger.I'm pretty sure

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